Check-out Policies

This is a condensed version of our Library Materials Lending policy. You can view the full policy here.

How long can I check this out?

Books, Audiobooks, Music CDs, Puppets, Puzzles

3 weeks. May be renewed or re-checked out twice.

DVDs, Cake Pans, Back Issues of Magazines

1 week. May be renewed or re-checked out twice.

Book Club Kits

6 weeks. Not renewable.

Inter-Library Loan materials*

Check-out period varies. Not renewable.


All children’s materials, except DVDs

$0.10 per day, maximum of $1.00 per item

All other materials, including children’s DVDs

$0.25 per day, maximum of $3.00 per item

Book Club Kits

$0.50 per day, maximum of $5.00

Inter-Library Loan materials*

Varies. Set by lending library.

Checked out books from another Plum Creek library?

Their check-out policies apply, regardless of who owns the book. Find their contact information here.

Need to renew?

You can renew your materials in person, over the phone, or by logging into your account at

Please note: if another patron has placed a hold on the item you have checked out, you won’t be able to renew it. This is most likely to happen for new materials or book club books.

How do I pay fines?

*Inter-Library Loan materials are considered materials from libraries outside of Plum Creek. Materials requested from another Plum Creek library and checked out at Marshall, Cottonwood, or Balaton will follow our check-out policies.