Good Reads Book Club

The Good Reads book club meets the third Saturday of each month at 11 AM in the Marshall library boardroom.

There is no pressure… just a chance to share your opinions or listen in as others share theirs.

Copies of each month’s title will be available at the front desk of the library for book club participants. You may also request a copy via the catalog. Please contact the library if you would like to join us!

If you have questions, you can call the library at 507-537-7003 or email us at

2017 Times and Titles

17 January 2017

 The Private Patient by P. D. James

  In James’s stellar 14th Adam Dalgliesh mystery, the charismatic police commander knows the case of Rhoda Gradwyn, a 47-year-old journalist murdered soon after undergoing the removal of an old disfiguring scar at a private plastic surgery clinic in Dorset, may be his last.  Dalgliesh probes the convoluted tangle of motives and hidden desires that swirl around the clinic, Cheverell Manor, and its grimly fascinating suspects in the death of Gradwyn.

21 February 2017

The Light in the Ruins by Chris  Bohjalian

In Florence in 1955, Francesca Rosati is murdered, her heart wrenched from her body. A serial killer is at work, preying on the Rosati family. Serafina Bettini, Florence’s only woman detective, wonders if the war has something to do with this gruesome vendetta. In extended flashbacks, we see Francesca and her children living at the Villa Chimera. This lush Tuscany estate becomes a magnet for Nazis, who are fascinated by a newly discovered Etruscan tomb. Francesca’s young, lovely sister-in-law stokes an already combustible situation by falling in love with a Nazi lieutenant, and soon the gentle Rosatis find themselves trapped, forced to host Nazi officers while a determined band of partisans takes shelter in the Etruscan ruins. Serafina, severely scarred by burns suffered during the war, hunts not only for the serial killer but also for answers to the mystery of her own survival.

21 March 2017

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina  Bivald

Erstwhile bookseller Sara Lindqvist has traveled from her home in Sweden to the tiny town of Broken Wheel, Iowa, in order to spend time relaxing and reading with her pen pal, Amy Harris, but what she finds upon arriving is that she’s just in time for Amy’s funeral. Sara is bewildered but the townsfolk insist that she stay in Amy’s house and generally refuse to let her pay for anything. She decides to give back by opening Amy’s old store and sharing Amy’s books with the community. Bivald fills the pages with book references, chief among them Austen and Bridget Jones, but it is her characters that will win readers over.

18 April 2017

Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs

While investigating a grisly discovery for the Montreal coroner’s office, Temperence Brennen finds herself remembering a similar investigation she conducted on the remains of a woman who was savagely dismembered and stuffed in garbage bags. When Tempe’s concerns about a serial killer are dismissed by the police, she decides to pursue the matter herself–a course of action that both puts her career on the line and so effectively upsets the murderer’s plan that he sets his sights on her.

16 May 2017

American Assassin by Vince Flynn

 Taking a step back in time, Vince Flynn tells the story of how Mitch Rapp initially came to work for the CIA. As a young man, Rapp lost his fiancée in the terrorist bombing of Pan Am flight 103. Grief-stricken, he swears revenge on the terrorists. He’s quickly recruited by the CIA and soon makes his first kill and is on his way to his first clandestine mission.

20 June 2017

Open Season by C. J.Box

 Joe Pickett is struggling to fill the shoes of his mentor, legendary Vern Dunnegan, as warden of Twelve Sleep County, and trying to support his wife and growing family on the meager salary he makes. The hours are long, the work hard but satisfying, and Joe’s honesty and integrity would pay off if he could avoid “bonehead moves” like ticketing the governor of the state for fishing without a license  or allowing a poacher to grab Joe’s firearm from him. When that very same poacher turns up dead and bloodied in Joe’s woodpile, his life, livelihood and family will never be the same.   Meet Joe Pickett: he’s going to be a mystery star.

18 July 2017

Natchez Burning by Greg Iles

Penn Cage, still getting his feet under him after being elected mayor of Natchez, Mississippi, is shocked to learn that his father, Dr. Tom Cage, is about to be charged with murder in the death of a local woman, a nurse who worked with Dr. Cage back in the 1960s. Stymied by his father’s refusal to discuss the case, Penn digs into the past to uncover the truth and discovers long-buried secrets about his community and his own family

15 August 2017

Cairo Affair by Olen Steinhauer

Budapest, March 2011: career diplomat Emmett Kohl is shot dead in a restaurant, in front of his disbelieving wife, Sophie. Determined to find out why, she follows a trail that leads to the American embassy in a tumultuous Cairo; to the revolution under way in neighboring Libya; to Langley, Virginia; and to her own ill-fated honeymoon in Eastern Europe. It has something to do with “Stumbler,” a CIA plan for regime change, but, as we shadow a half-­dozen key players, the hows and whys prove maddeningly elusive—and, in the words of a veteran spy: “When you live in a house of mirrors, the only way to stay alive is to believe that every reflection is real.” A complex tale of the Arab Spring, WikiLeaks, the CIA, and a marriage.

19 September 2017

Girl Waits With Gun by Amy  Stewart

 Constance Kopp towers over most men, has no interest in marriage or domestic affairs, and has been isolated from the world since a family secret sent her and her sisters from city to country fifteen years ago. When a powerful, ruthless factory owner runs down their buggy, a dispute over damages turns into a war of bricks, bullets, and threats as he unleashes his gang on their farm. The sheriff enlists her help, and it turns out Constance has knack for outwitting (and disarming) the criminal element . Quick-witted and full of madcap escapades, Girl Waits with Gun is a story about one woman rallying the courage to stand up for and grow into herself — with a little help from sisters and sheriffs along the way.

21 October 2017

 Mallory’s Oracle by Carol  O’Connell

 The investigation of a series of murders of wealthy, elderly women from the Gramercy Park area intensifies when Louis Markowitz, the head of the NYPD Special Crimes Section, is found dead with the third victim. Kathleen Mallory, his adopted daughter and a policewoman assigned to office duty, is obsessed with finding the killer.

18 November 2017

The Cold Cold Ground by Adrian McKinty

At the height of conflict between the Catholic IRA and Protestant paramilitary factions in 1981, Sean Duffy, a Catholic police sergeant in the Protestant town of Carrickfergus, gets an unusual case. Two gay men have been murdered, their right hands severed and switched between the two bodies. Duffy initially suspects a serial killer, but when no more gay men are targeted, he comes to believe that the second killing was done simply to cover up the first, in which the head of the IRA’s feared internal security force was the victim. Even after the case is reassigned, Duffy defies orders and keeps digging, coming up against corruption and collusion.

16 December 2017

Family Skeletons by Rett MacPherson

A breezy, and fun,debut featuring hausfrau-of-all-hobbies Victory O’Shea of the historic German town of New Kassel, Missouri.  Victory is approached to do a genealogy for a well-groomed but rather glum lady who was long ago deserted by her father. Victory makes an occasional buck doing family trees.  Now, Victory traces Norah Zumwalt’s father to a nearby town, then finds her client bloodily murdered. Swiftly adding killer-catching to her list of interests,  she uncovers a snakepit of neurotic motivations among Norah’s ex-husband, grown children, and perhaps unfaithful lover. Further complications arise when Victory discovers that Norah’s father has a largely fabricated identity. And then the Mississippi overflows . . .