Book Lists

Monthly lists include a random selection of books/movies/etc from the Marshall-Lyon County Library collection in different topic areas. Other lists are handcrafted by your librarians and may include a few things you can only get by placing holds.

If you don’t see a list on a topic you love or would like to suggest a list, please contact us!

  • Monthly

    New lists every month in a variety of topics, including audiobooks and DVDs. You can sign up to receive these as monthly emails.

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  • New

    Lists of new materials compiled weekly or monthly. You can sign up to receive these as an email.

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  • Genres

    Lists in a variety of fiction genres.

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  • Non-Fiction

    Non-fiction titles on a variety of topics. Includes books and media.

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  • Awards

    Local and national award-winning titles.

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  • Book Club

    Great options for your book club! Includes lists compiled for previous and ongoing clubs.

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  • Kids

    Book lists for kids and educators.

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