Materials for Adults

The collection for adults has more than 61,000 items ranging from print materials to puzzles and cake pans, with a whole lot in between!  Below are the different areas of the collection:

BooksColor-coded floor plan of the Marshall library's Adult Fiction sections.

    • New Books:
      Look here for both recently-published books and timely titles that have just been added to our collection. Books remain here, separated out by genre, for six to eight months before moving to  permanent homes throughout the collection.
    • Fiction:
      This collection is as diverse as our readers and community.  From best-selling authors and popular genre titles to more literary works, classics, and award winners, materials include hardcovers, trade paperbacks, and smaller mass market paperbacks. For easier browsing, this collection has been divided out into several popular genres:

      • Fiction
      • Mystery
      • Science-Fiction
      • Fantasy
      • Western
      • Serial Romance

Color-coded floor plan of the Marshall library's Adult Nonfiction and Periodicals sections

  • Nonfiction:
    This area holds everything that isn’t fiction, which can be just about anything!  From biography to biology, chemistry to cooking, and philosophy to poetry, this section informs, entertains, and teaches. Look here to find how to build a retaining wall, get inspiration for decorating a birthday cake, or discover more about World War II in the Pacific.  Our libraries use the Dewey Decimal System. Check out this brief guide to how the Dewey Decimal System is organized.
  • Biographies and Memoirs:
    Shelved following the 900s in Nonfiction, these are arranged by the subject or author’s last name and focus on interesting lives well-lived. Biographies that discuss more than one person can be found in the 920s.
  • Oversize:
    Some books are physically too large for the main shelves, so they are shelved together at the end of the Nonfiction. Most are visually spectacular and feature large illustrations or photographs.
  • Large Print:
    These titles include popular fiction and nonfiction. They have been printed with larger type for ease of reading. Large Print Westerns are separated out from general fiction to facilitate browsing between regular and large print Western collections.
  • Non English:
    We have a small collection of both fiction and nonfiction in a few languages. Most are in Spanish.
  • Reference:
    This small collection of materials aid in answering questions and include books containing regional laws, general facts, consumer information, and local directories.  Usually, these items are only for use within the library. Please ask a librarian if you need to check out one of these books for use outside our buildings.
  • Special Collections:  In order to make our large collections more browser-friendly, we have created a few smaller subject areas.
    • Minnesota Collection:
      These materials focus on both Minnesota as a subject and Minnesota writers.  This collection features Southwest Minnesota, but also includes greater Minnesota, Iowa, and the Dakotas. Writers from our region and their works are also included.  Most of these materials can be checked out, but we do have a small collection of unique family genealogy resources, yearbooks, and materials in delicate condition that can only be used in the library.
    • Travel Collection:
      Explore the travel collection to plan your next trip or to travel vicariously! This collection includes recent travel guides for all corners of the earth, as well as travelogues, memoirs, journeys, and explorations.
    • Holiday:
      In case you need your holiday fix outside of the holiday season or want to get a head start on holiday crafts and planning, try the Holiday section. Most of the late-in-the-year holiday materials are located here for easier browsing.
    • Story Collection:Color-coded floor plan of the Marshall library's Teen Department and reference shelf small collections.
      Not enough time to read a long book? Try a short story! The books in this collection may focus on a particular genre, with each story written by a different author, or they may be the collections of a single author.
    • Short Takes:
      Another good section to browse when there isn’t enough time to read! These short books feature exciting stories with lots of action and nothing to slow you down.  These books are also interesting and accessible to adults who are looking to practice their reading or English language skills.
    • Readers’ Cafe:
      If you are not sure what to read next or are looking to branch out in your reading, this small collection will help you find great books that you may not even know existed.
    • Companion Books:
      These are informative books about your favorite fictional worlds and the authors who created them.
    • DIY University:
      Looking to continue your education on your own? This collection contains books, cds, and dvds that will help you learn a new language, brush up on history, brush up on literature, and explore a variety of new topics.
    • Graphic Novels:
      An extension of the Teen Graphic Novels collection, this section features graphic novels and graphic nonfiction involving topics and themes of particular interest to adults. Classic and contemporary comic strips–like Peanuts or Doonesbury–are also included in this collection.

MediaColor-coded floor plan of the Marshall library's Media and Minnesota Room collections.

  • New Media:
    New additions to our collection can be browsed by the new books at the front of the Marshall library.
  • Music CDs:
    Divided into basic genres, our collection of music cds feature everything from popular rock & roll to 1900s folk recordings.
  • Audiobooks:
    A wide variety of fiction and nonfiction books on CDs, including MP3s, can help make commuting, cleaning, or exercise a more pleasant task.  Be sure to check out our digital library options, too, for streaming and downloadable audiobooks for your computer or mobile devices.
  • DVDs:
    The Library’s movies and films range from classic TV shows to recent Hollywood blockbusters, and everything in between. Nonfiction dvds are also available, including documentaries, informational videos, and titles from the Great Courses lecture series. Digital video is also available to Lyon County cardholders via hoopla.
  • Hallmark Hall of Fame DVDs:
    Thanks to a generous donation, the Library has a large collection of these high-quality productions based on books from the last 25 years.
  • Language Kits (shelved in DIY University):
    Books, workbooks, and CDs are brought together to help language learners master a foreign language or learn English as a second language.

Other Materials

  • Puzzles:
    The Library carries jigsaw puzzles with pieces ranging from 300 to over 1,000 pieces that can be checked out.  There’s always a puzzle being put together on a table near the fireplace in the Marshall building, too. You can browse a visual listing of our puzzles here.
  • Cake Pans:
    Looking to make a special cake, but don’t have the correct pan?  Look through the Library’s collection of characters (such as Dora, Mickey Mouse or Barbie), objects (car, t-shirt or Christmas tree) and animals (dog, cat, dinosaur or bat) to make your next cake extraordinary! You can browse a visual listing of our cake pans here.
  • Board games:
    Board games, card games, and tabletop roleplaying games are available to check out for use within the library.
  • Readers’ Café To Go: Book Club in a Box:
    Whether you’re starting a book club or just searching for your club’s next title, you might find your next great group read in one of our book club kits. You can learn more about them and see a list of titles here.