Tax Forms

Federal Tax Forms

Federal tax forms are ordered annually and are made available at the Marshall library as they arrive. Quantities are limited; please take only the forms you will use. Generally, we expect to have limited quantities of the following Federal forms and instructions: 1040*, W2, W3, 1096, and 1099 (INT & MISC). Other forms can be printed for $0.20 per page.

*The 2018 tax year has eliminated the 1040A and 1040EZ and replaced all 1040 forms with a revised 1040.

If you require multiple copies of a specific form, we recommend ordering them directly from the IRS. Individuals and Employers can order forms through the pages linked here:

Federal forms can be downloaded here:

Minnesota Tax Forms

Minnesota no longer distributes printed tax forms. We are able to print forms at $0.20 per page.

Minnesota forms can be downloaded here:

Please ensure that the forms you download are for the tax year you need.