Teen Materials

The Teen collections at Marshall, Balaton, and Cottonwood include approximately 4,000 fiction, nonfiction, and non-print items in a variety of formats. These materials provide both information and entertainment and are intended to both reflect and expand the worldviews of teenagers as they discover themselves and learn the knowledge and skills they will need as adults.


  • Fiction:
    Like the adult fiction collection, teen fiction covers a wide varieties of stories and genres. Silly and serious, classic and contemporary, historical and futuristic, realistic and fantastic: readers can find just about any setting and theme. Most stories feature a teenage protagonist and involve conflicts of particular relevance to teenagers. Our teen fiction collection is not organized by genre or series, but both are indicated on the spine of a book for easy browsing.
  • Nonfiction:
    The teen nonfiction collection is a supplement to the nonfiction collections of the children’s and adult departments. These books feature information specifically for developing adults, such as career preparation, financial help, and health resources, and information of particular interest to teens, including DIY projects, popular biographies, current issues, poetry, and history.
  • Graphic Novels & Nonfiction:
    Our teen graphic novel section includes both novels and nonfiction in comic-book art styles. This is a format, not a genre; nearly every topic found in the regular fiction or nonfiction sections could be found in the graphic novels section. The Marshall collection includes special sections for nonfiction, regular fiction, DC and Marvel comics, and translated manga. Smaller, condensed collections are included at Balaton and Cottonwood. More graphic novels and graphic nonfiction are available in the children’s and adult departments.



  • For easier browsing, Teen movies and audiobooks are shelved with the adult collection. CDs or DVDs with TEEN on the label have been ordered specifically with young adults in mind but may be enjoyed by a wide range of library patrons.

Other Materials

  • Magazines:
    The library subscribes to several magazines with teens in mind. Back issues of these magazines are available for check out. Current issues can be read in the library.
  • Board games:
    Board games, card games, and tabletop roleplaying games are available to check out for use in the Marshall library.